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June 2012 Results

posted Jul 5, 2012, 6:22 AM by James Thompson   [ updated Jul 5, 2012, 1:23 PM ]
22 riders + 10 runners = A great turnout for a hot June monthly.  

- Our numbers are staying consistent around the 20 rider mark, with new faces showing up every month.  
- Total riding participants for the year are close to reaching 100 registrants.  
- Running numbers have gotten larger every month.  
- After this months race response we have decided to continue with the running race distance measuring closer to a 10k than a 5k.  It just seems to make the preparation for showing up for a trail running race a lot more worth the time when you get more than 30 minutes of running in.

Ride Podium:
1st:  Ben Scherf (center)
2nd:  Marty Flinn (the guy trying to feel what wearing the Green Jacket feels like)
3rd:  Scott Radford (right)

Run Podium: (no photo)
1st:  Randy Wilson
2nd:  Matt Gaudet
3rd:  Dawn Craft

YC Double Podium:  (ride and run)
1st:  Spencer Clark
2nd:  Ruth Cunningham

A Few Notes:  
- Ben Scherf finally takes the coveted Green Jacket after finishing just shy of 1st in both April & May.
- We have yet to have a 2 time Green Jacket Winner.
- Ruth Cunningham and Spencer Clark continue to participant in the YC double, which is a badass feat in itself so our hats go off to the both of you.
- We have yet to figure out how to get a photo of the runners podium.
- The above photo is complements of Grace Clark who wrote a great write up in her blog about the June Monthly complete with photo's.  It can be read here:  Not only that, but every month she is able to show up and bring killer fried rice and fruit that adds to the whole local feel and really makes this event a fun small town race.  Thanks Grace.

James Thompson,
Jul 5, 2012, 12:47 PM