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A Message From The RideYC Crew

posted Jun 1, 2013, 6:25 AM by James Thompson   [ updated Jun 1, 2013, 6:28 AM ]

Thanks for making this a great spring of racing.  

As you know our race series sole purpose is to derive funds to the Friends Of Yellow Creek.  This year we were able to raise almost $800 in memberships through the race series.  Thank you to all the participants.  These funds go directly to Yellow Creek SP and are used in whatever way is necessary to keep the park up do date.  Whether it's purchasing wood chips for playgrounds, new picnic tables, maintenance on the bathhouse, sand for the beach volleyball courts, regardless it improves the park.  

Unlike years past we will not be holding races in June, July, and August.  We will conclude our race series in September.  In addition our September race will continue to be the same course.  However, based on your point totals, and times, we will categorize both the Sport and Expert Class in subdivisions. 

For example Expert Class 1 will be the 5 fastest guys participating based on prior results, expert class 2 will be the next 5 and so on.

Each class will feature a payout/prize.  

If you have not had the opportunity to race in the spring and still want to race in September that is not a problem, show up and we will place you accordingly.  We are confident we will categorize you correctly based on your experience.  Especially first times racers.  First timers are what grow our sport, and we consistently get feedback from riders who are now experienced racers who cut their teeth at the YC Monthly's.

That is all, and again, thanks for your participation.

See you at Septemberfest,

The RideYC Crew